Paul Clay is a portrait artist specialising in watercolour, pencil and digital paintings. During the 2019/20 season he worked with Stoke City to create the programme artwork for #pottersmag. In July 2020 he was asked to collaborate with the club to produce the promotional artwork for Stoke City's kit launch.

As an Artist and Designer, Paul Clay wanted to capture moments of the beautiful game on paper. Each portrait is thoughtfully created with every paint stroke and pencil mark carefully considered. Exploiting the nature of watercolour paints by incorporating the drips, runs, splashes and splatters is a major aspect of why I enjoy this painting style. It adds an energy and interest to my portraits.

Paul Clay discovered a passion for producing portraiture after watching Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year. He enjoys focusing on the small details that make a face unique, and builds up many layers of watercolour paint to achieve the detail in his paintings.

To see photos and videos of the creative process you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Paul loves new challenges, so why not get in touch with your idea? He is always excited to hear about interesting collaborations.